Subsidise flight ticket prices for Sarawakians to vote in polls, govt urged

Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii has asked the bureaucratic and state legislatures to sponsor flight ticket costs for Sarawakians to get back to cast a ballot in the state races.

He said this would assist with guaranteeing more prominent investment by Sarawakians in the political decision process.

“I suggest that flight passes to and from Sarawak just as inside Sarawak be presented at a reasonable level rate three days prior and three days after the decisions on Dec 18,” he said in an assertion.

Yii said such costs ought to be presented for a couple trips to take into account the interest and ought not be restricted to a couple of seats.

He said this has been done prior to during the fourteenth general political race.

“A political race is a festival of popular government and it is the sacred right of each qualified resident. Nobody ought to be forgotten about,” he said.

Yii said that regardless of the declaration made by Sarawak transport serve Lee Kim Shin on the expanded recurrence of trips to Sarawak from 223 to 307 week after week, costs during the hour of the decisions were still high.

He said this may fill in as an obstruction for some to get back to cast a ballot.

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