Oscar Nominated Star dies

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Siberian Forest fires

A very large region of Russia will face hot and dry weather this year which can lead to forest fires. Thia news was shared by the forecasters. They have given warning to the forest authorities and have said to keep care of the forests as anything can happen.


Star actor quarantines himself

Indian Actor Amir khan has quit social media earlier this week. He quit the social media due to the personal reasons. He is now reported to be diagnosed with Covid-19. After the reports came negative he quarantined himself in his home and is following all the protocols. He also stated that all those who have contacted him for past few days should have a checkup. He also thanked his followers and fans thorough his Instagram channel and said that it will be his last post and thanked his fans for showing their love for him. He also said that he will continue communicating with his fans in other ways. Now he has deactivated his Instagram account.


Star actor quarantines himself11


Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha

Indian actor Salman Khan and actress Sonakshi Sinha danced with the special kids and the video is loved by all the fans from all over the world. He shared the video on his Instagram account on the World Down Syndrome Day. He also wrote the caption dancing with the kids of Umang. And wished them a speedy recovery. In the video Sonakshi Sinha can also be seen dancing with the special kids.


Oscar Nominated Star dies

George Segal who was US actor had died today. He starred with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the film. He was famous for his comic roles in the shows like The Golbergs and Just Shoot Me. This news was confirmed by the wife of late actor. She also stated the reason of his death. She said he died due to the complications from the Bypass Surgery. Many actors paid tribute to the legendary actor. It is a great loss to the cinematic world as one of the finest actor had died today. His manager also stated that he is very saddened by the fact that he is no more. He also said that he was a very close friend of mine. He died at the age of 87.


George Segal1


Fisherman rescues boy

A fisherman in Ukraine has saved a boy who was stranded on a block of ice. He was stranded in a river. The boy was playing on the frozen river when suddenly the ice cracked and the boy floated downstream. Luckily a fisherman was passing by and he saw the boy and rushed for his help. He saved the boy life. The boy was shifted to the hospital and is luckily safe now.

Fisherman rescues boy1

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